Sunday, March 25, 2012

Over the Rainbow and through the Rabbit Hole

The day after my little 42 sync freakout, I went to out dinner with my best friend. We went to Blockheads, a NY chain that she introduced me to one of the first times I visited. It's Mexican and they have the best (strongest) $4 frozen margaritas. It was really good to see her. When we got the bill we saw the tip was already included (weird for only 2 people, but whatever,) and the tax. We ordered about the same amount of stuff so I suggested we simply split the amount in half. It was 24.40 each. She wanted to get back to her apartment ASAP and I rode with her. The cab was 12.40.

By then I'd mentally digested the recurring sync enough to kind of be used to it. The problem was the lack of context. When I talked to Mr. Green the night before, he suggested that I reflect back later because a pattern might emerge. He gave an example off the top of his head that it was something about Home, since that's when I always see it.

Well, I was on the way home from rehearsal yesterday, when I noticed for this mosaic mural for first time in the 50th St (1) station:

Uptown (1) to 242nd St Platform 
Mad Hatter and White Rabbit

and this:

There are 4 murals of Alice in Wonderland, down here in the underworld.

Downtown Platform to South Ferry

Oh! and I can't leave out that while I was taking photos, an old man was playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on trombone. It probably didn't help that I've been reading Kevin Halcott's Sync Book chapter, which explores the aforementioned elements, along with the rainbow bridge. It'd fit with the Home theme, too, since Dorothy was just trying to get back to Kansas.


  1. Be careful synching in the subway--you might get blown away by something you see and fall off the platform or something...heh

  2. I think my mindset is just different on the way home. On the way out, I am thinking about what I am going to do - choreography, meeting a friend, what groceries to buy... On the way back, I am usually decompressing/relaxing/reflecting and probably more open to sychronistic nonsense. Just sayin'

  3. Whoa, cool to see Alice in Wonderland in the subway/underworld! Manhattan is sync central et? Cool to see more syncrs in NY, cheers from New paltz. Cheers -KH