Thursday, March 22, 2012

My White Rabbit and a Spring Sync Attack

This is Big Bunny Hopkins. He was a good guy. I usually revisit this photo at this time each year.

How was your first day of spring? I called up the Greens because I had a synch attack.

(If I had some sweet Photoshop skills I would display a person ducking from flying spiral sinks...)

Anyway, I was well-aware that it was the equinox and first day of spring because the Sync Book Press released its second book, Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree Of Olympia by Andras Jones. More info here - Happy Creatures or here - Accidental Initiations 2 I'm sure it's really interesting, and I'm excited to read it, once I finish The Sync Book.

The weather gods over NY were also aware of the season. It was 67, sunny and bright. I had worked the night before and was paid in part by this:

Can we just pause right here? I just want to say how crazy I feel already, simply by taking a photo of a $20 that somebody wrote "24" on. Who does that??

Okay so moving along. My plan for the day was to run a really important but frustrating errand (DMV uuuugh), then I was going to go home. I tried but it didn't work out and I wanted to take advantage of the pleasant weather instead of waiting in line for hours so I walked to Bryant Park, stopping only for mango yogurt gelato. I passed MegaMillions sign declaring the jackpot was up to $241 million. I read some Sync Book and chatted with one of my distant friends who happened to call then while basking in the sun's super lovely radiation. Ahhhhhhh yeah. It was nice.

Once the sun starting hiding behind skyscrapers, I went down to Union Square where there's a giant Barnes and Noble - I'd been meaning to buy a particular book for a friend for a while - and a Trader Joe's wine store. I was walking from the bathroom and right next to it I spotted a Mayan Prophecy pretty coffee table book in the bargain books section. I leafed through it, but no surprising or new info really popped up. At the December equinox this year their time system restarts. Things will shift in the world in certain ways at some point, spiritually and physically - kinda vague. I think one of my favorite bloggers, Leo Babauta of (he writes about things like simplicity, being present), summed it up this way on New Year's day via twitter: "Predictions for 2012: Change."

I picked up Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. I read it last year and I highly recommend this book to pretty much any human being, married or single or whatever. I wish I had read it 10 years ago. The more you know... ya know? I hadn't thought about the planetary reference in sync terms before, but it crossed my mind then. Thoughts?

 I was very hungry so I bought a giant pretzel off the street and the vendor called me his habibi. I felt super worldly knowing what that means. Then I bought $2.99 wine from Trader Joe's.

On the way home it got weird. I took the subway from where I was and transferred trains via 42nd Street as is often necessary, no big deal. I was on the (1) train, which I live off of. I noticed a girl that looked exactly like a friend I used to work with, and who I'd unexpectedly run into a few days before. I said her name a few times but it wasn't her. Then I noticed the individual car I was riding in had been labeled number 2413. Of course.

I decided to get off a stop early so that I could go to the best grocery store in the neighborhood. Stepping out of the car I looked up to see the hanging exit signs that direct you. This particular subway line, unlike most, has electronic boards hanging as well, that tell you how long you it will be until the next train arrives. The direction of the train is indicated by its endpoint. I glanced at the schedule board while looking for the exit and for the first time, after having ridden this train home essentially every night for 3 months, I realized that (1) ends at 242 St in the Bronx. It is heavy, but this was a major turning point in my perception of my perceptions. 

I made my way towards the store and noticed "124 Alex Deli" with a phone number ending in "0214." Curious on what I was supposed to do and feeling my gut/intuition tense/excited, I went to the deli. I didn't know why I was there so I asked for Junior Mints, my current favorite candy, especially when intoxicated. I get them at the deli near the corner by my apartment sometimes. This place didn't have any so I thought of something else I might be there for but they didn't have lotto tickets either. 

I was feeling strangely anxious at this point and kind of wondering what the deal was. I thought, "What are you trying to tell me?!" But all I got were a several more incidences of related number combinations. I was freaking out internally. Yes, you can "scientifically" explain this shift by saying that I was focusing my attention on finding 42s. But why at this particular point in time? And are there really always that many that I don't notice? Like when I walk around on the street every day - even earlier that day? I've never done a hallucinogenic drug but my change in perception/energy focus was similar to what I imagine such an experience to be like on a smaller scale. Or maybe a better comparison is to an anxiety attack, but somehow without the negativity? That's contradictory.

Finally it subsided as I continued walking. I was relieved but intrigued. I've had other syncs that I'd like to share but this one has come on so strong that I had to tell you about it.
Interpretations to come.

Good morning,

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